About Me

I´m Claire, a social worker with THE passion to design & Create recycled jewelry. Since 10 years, I´m passionate about the creation of jewelry & objects from materials intended to be thrown away. I really love to imagine and add my personal touch into them.
100% Recycled & Handmade with love
I like to have the awareness about the environment and the consummation, so my intention is to pass a message about the second life and how we can upgrade materials like caps to wear it for example as earrings. We have the opportunity to create something with everything around us. The imagination is without limits and every piece is unique and subjective!
One of my favorite sentences is:
« Nothing is lost, nothing creates itself, everything transforms. » – L.
I also really love to create workshops for and with kids and adults.
different goals are presents: the sensibilisation about the environment, the self-confidence and the valorization.
Let´s go together for a creative – recycling adventure!
I´m looking forward to see you at one of my next creative market or at one of the workshop. If you have any questions, please contact me. Wish you a wonderful time around your visit!